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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kids Bathroom Makeover for under $150!

My friend wanted to redo her spare bathroom to be more for kids!

The specualtions were:

- not girly since they might have a boy
- cheap but not trashy
- to look like a fun kids bathroom
- hooks on the wall to hang towels where the kids can reach
- need new shower curtain, paint, rugs and hooks
- no cartoon characters or animals
- budget of $150

She gave me free reign over this project! hehe











My first item I had to buy was the shower curtain so I can figure out what colors to use! Of course I just can't get away from Chevron :) I found this at Home Goods and that is how I decided with the colors Black, Yellow and Red.  

I wanted to spell "splash" in the room so I bought a mache letter.  Wrap yarn and hot glued it around the "S".

 Bought some rubber ducky's to put in apothecary jars.

Bath foam letters to put in a clear container

3 red dog hooks from Ikea

 Toothbrush and Q-tip holder from Target

Who knew Walmart had cute towels?!?

Red shelf and brackets from Ikea

Bath rugs from Home Goods

Home Depot sells wood pieces coated with chalkboard paint!
We had them cut into 4 pieces
Velcro to hang up the pictures! (great for college dorms if you can't leave holes in your walls)

Paint from Walmart in Lemon Slush (We picked out the color because the name sounded delish) haha

Outlet covers from Home Depot (they really make the room more unique if you change them)

White letters we got at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them red! (for "SPLASH")

I knew there was a reason we drank wine!
Use a wine cork and dip it in the paint lid to paint polka dots onto the letters

I had my wonderful, creative, awesome sister write on the chalkboards!
She is so talented and has great handwriting :)

She is single :)

Veda Dorothy 

Love you sissy!

We put finger-paint on Veda's toes (fun lil project to do with the kids)


Aren't the hooks so cute!

I love how this project turned out!

Bath Time!!

Great use of Chalkboard because we can always change the artwork!

V loving her new bathroom :)

She's a happy cilent :)

    Keep it simple-Keep it fun!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love the color scheme! I think the chalkboards and SPLASH are my favorites. Very cretive and soo much fun!

  2. Super fun -- we love the new bathroom! You're awesome, Bethany! Let's do room by room :)

  3. Creativity and imagination is at work here! You had a lot of wonderful ideas and made a huge transformation while keeping within the budget. You and your sister deserve a pat on the back.